Essential & Free PC Tools

The following list of tool will help you keep you PC working better that you thought it could. My recommendation is to install the Revo Unistaller first as it will allow you to completly unisnstall any of the other or any other junk you may already have on your system.

Revo Uninstaller at
Dragnifier at
Registry Cleaner at
Edit Pad Lite (win notepad replacement) at

The following are more advanced for the more technically adventureous.

Space Sniffer at
Process Explorer at
VLC Media Player at
Manage Desktop Icons with Iconoid at

Online Scans to check for infections:
Assuming that your antivirus program has been compromised, scan with either the ESET Online Scanner or Trend Micro’s HouseCall. Neither of these need installed, scan via the browser.

Essential software.

Open Office (an alternative office suite) at
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) at
Chrome (a better web browser) at

And finnally, you can explore all aspects of your Mac or PC at

Note: if you find a better tool, let me know and I will update this page.

Thank, chet at volpe dot net